Still Waters is a serene and encouraging environment to START or CONTINUE your clean and sober life. More than just a typical "sober living", Still Waters Recovery Home encompasses the "whole picture" necessary for a lasting sobriety.

No single rooms, no isolation. This is a group effort for we cannot get sober on our own. Our best attempts have proven this. What YOU cannot do, WE can. Our homes offer placement for both the newcomer and those with long term sobriety.

  1. We keep an open communication with families.
  2. We volunteer our time to Community Outreach programs.
  3. Assist in enrollment for continuing education and resume updates.

Over time and with individual progress in recovery, Still Waters may employ some peer participants who appear to be ready to enter the work force. This employment is only temporary
and can help with self esteem issues while offering a sense of contributing to society.



      Our primary purpose at stillwaters recovery homes is to stay sober and help other alcoholics and addicts recover from a seemingly hopeless state of body and mind. We will help alcoholics and drug addicts maintain a sense of dignity. Their addictions will be treated through the twelve steps of aa, ca, na, or any related twelve step recovery program that best fits their targeted problem.

During our screening process we explore three areas of acceptance:

  1. HONESTY –To thine own self be true. We ask pertinant questions relating to honesy. The most important form of honesty is being honest with oneself. Dishonesty with others is not condusive to being honest with ones self.
  2. WILLINGNESS – Are they willing to do whatever it takes to remain sober? How dedicated to getting clean and sober are they? Is their drive to get clean greater then any other ambition in their life at that time?
  3. OPENMINDEDNESS – Are they honest and willing enough to keep an open mind for treatment? Can they throw out their basic knowledge, survival instincts, and experiences to absorb the twelve steps of recovery? Are they teachable? Does ego, pride and, self-centeredness get in the way of keeping an open mind for a life change?


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      We encourage twelve step recovery meetings outside of the facitlity. The twelve steps of recovery have proven long term success, and is the greatest way to interact with others in a social environment. The foundation of aa and twelve step recovery is one alcoholic addict talking to another.

      Stillwaters social model recovery home and the disease of addiction does not descriminate against any sect, denomination, politics, creed, race, or organization. The only requirement for stillwaters is the true desire to stop drinking and using drugs.

      Stillwaters will maintain a clean and sober environment. Stillwaters will offer guidance and direction as to its peers best plan of treatment and recovery. A senior peer advocate will be placed on site to help in their recovery plan.

       Group and individual sessions will be scheduled weekly. Twelve step meetings will occur daily.

      When a peer is ready to work he will be encouraged to exercise job search. A computor is offered on site to work on resumes, job search online, work on typing skills, education with excel or word perfect. Going back to school is alway’s an option.

      Job search is part of recovery. Most recovering alcoholics and addicts do not feel they are contributing to society until they find some kind of work to fill their day. This is beneficial and will not happen until they are ready to make that transition.

      Each peer will maintain an individualized recovery plan.

      Stillwaters recovery plan is structured over a one year span. Within that year a trasitional period will be implemented so all peers will be ready for discharge.

This transitional period includes:

A)   Newcomer phase: introduction to twelve step recovery
B)   Working with a sponsor
C)   Completion of all twelve steps
D)   Individual and group peer participation
E)   Transition into work phase of recovery
F)   Peer advocacy (working with others)