Still Waters Recovery Homes


Recovery Home for Men in Antelope Valley in California

Still Waters Recovery Home is a social model recovery home for men in Antelope Valley, CA. We provide a clean and peaceful environment for those who need help recovering from drugs and alcohol. We encourage our members to help each other out on their road to recovery and healing.

First Step to a Better Life

We offer a serene and sober environment for men seeking a better way of life. Our recovery home is a way out from a seemingly hopeless state of body and mind that comes from a life invaded with alcohol and drugs.


Personalized Recovery Plans

We offer long and short-term recovery plans tailored according to individual peer participants’ requirements. We consider the participant’s family, employment, educational options, and general social living skills.

Our Mission

At our recovery home, we encourage more than just “sober living.” Still Water Recovery Homes helps our participants look at the bigger picture for lasting sobriety. Our mission is to offer an effective recovery program to help adult males function within society again.